Worldwide Links for Joining Youngevity or Ordering Products

Youngevity Circles the Globe

Youngevity Circles the Globe

Youngevity is a global company. Products can be ordered and the business plan can be started nearly anywhere across the world. Here are the links for various countries around the world to get started building a Youngevity business or to simply orders the hundreds of products available.

Simply click the link, use ID#100894942 for your referral number, then choose your country to get started! (Some countries may not have the ability for you to join Youngevity yet).

United States – Click Here

     Australia – Click Here     

     Canada – Click Here

    Mexico – Click Here     

    New Zealand – Click Here     

 Other countries can go to the enrollment page here And get enrolled so you will have your ID number. You will then need to call the home office in the US at 1-800-982-3197 and give them your ID number and place your order. Or, you may call the number to have them complete the enrollment for you, just be sure that you are enrolled in my group. Feel free to email me at We are always looking for opportunities to expand our distributor base.


7 thoughts on “Worldwide Links for Joining Youngevity or Ordering Products

  1. Reblogged this on INFOWARSTEAM.US and commented:

    Interested in Youngevity but you’re not in the United States? There are many countries where you can still enroll and order products. Have a look.


  2. Hello
    I would like to buy Youngevity products from France; I have found one British websites that delivers here but their product range is very limited.
    When I click on the links above (i.e. Belgium) the following message comes up: Please enter the ID of the Rep who referred you to this site.
    I can’t go any further and have not found the distributor in Belgium.
    Can you help me?
    Many thanks,
    Sylvie from France.


  3. You say it circles the globe but it doesn’t.

    I couldn’t find it in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and even some countries such as Oman has nothing on your products … so which globe are you talking about?


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