Are you still not taking your Vitamin D?

For decades, Dr. Wallach has named Vitamin D as one of the essential vitamins needed for optimal health. Although it has always been known as an essential vitamin needed to promote calcium uptake and supporting healthy bones and joints, we’re now finding that there are a wide-range of benefits one can gain from having enough Vitamin D in their diet. And while we have also known for years that our bodies are capable of producing Vitamin D through sunlight, most individuals just aren’t getting the sunlight exposure they did 50 years ago; or even 5 years ago. However, enough sunshine isn’t the only problem with why we aren’t being exposed to Vitamin D. Our diets and nutrition have also changed dramatically over the last 20 years, which has only led to an increase in vitamin deficiencies in most individuals.

Since finding that vitamin deficiencies have led to the development of many health conditions, some have looked to supplementation to fulfill their nutrient needs; and this has led to finding that there are many benefits associated with higher intakes of certain vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D is one that continues to offer benefits that go beyond bone and joint support. From immune support, anti-aging and telomere-enhancing benefits, Vitamin D seems to play an important role in many bodily systems; and the list continues to grow.

Most recently, researchers led by Professor Cedric Garland from theUniversity of California, San Diego School of Medicine, explored the possible relationship between Vitamin D levels and breast cancer survival rates. Previous research has already suggested that low Vitamin D levels could be associated with higher risk for premenopausal breast cancer, which encouraged the research team to further investigate the association between Vitamin D and breast cancer; looking specifically at the Vitamin D levels from date used in five clinical studies. In this data of over 4,000 breast cancer patients, they were able to find that the patients with the highest levels of Vitamin D had approximately twice the survival rate of those with the lowest levels of Vitamin D.1 The blood serum concentration of Vitamin D in the high level group was approximately 30ng/ml while the low level group had an average of 17 ng/ml. These findings have prompted Professor Garland to not only recommend a controlled clinical trial in order to confirm their findings, but she is also encouraging the addition of Vitamin D to standard care of breast cancer patients.

Citri-D Vitamin Spray

Citri-D Vitamin Spray

With so many health concerns arising from vitamin deficiencies, one cannot help but be encouraged to supplement their diets. In the case of Vitamin D, the average American does not get enough. An easy solution is adding Citri-D™ Vitamin D3 Spray to your daily routine. This is not only a very easy and convenient way to get your dose of vitamin D, but also a portion of each Citri-D™ bottle purchase goes to support the Youngevity® Be The Change Foundation, which has already offered much needed assistance to a variety of causes, including the recent flood victims in Colorado.

Get your dose of Vitamin D in a few easy sprays! Prevention is the key!


Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team


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