The Youngevity® Bone and Joint Health Care System

For over 15 years, Youngevity® has continued a tradition of excellence and innovation with its Nutraceutical products by committing itself to research and science. Its core message of 90 For Life™, developed by the world-renowned scientist and researcher, Dr. Joel Wallach, has resonated and enhanced the lives of millions through its clinically-supported philosophy of the correlation of specific nutrients to overall health and wellness. Working closely with the field’s most notable biochemists, medical professionals, nutritionists and governmental organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Youngevity® has pioneered the use of nutrition and supplementation to aid in the support of health and defense of the body’s most debilitating health concerns.


If you’re like on of the 27 million Americans diagnosed each year with Osteoarthritis (OA), a joint disease that is commonly referred to as “wear and tear” on the joints, then you experience stiffness,

Bone and Joint Inflammation

Bone and Joint Inflammation

swelling, cracking, grinding, and decreased function and mobility of the joint. However, millions more go undiagnosed but still feel the pain associated with poor joint health. Without proper care, prevention, and treatment, these minor symptoms can cause significant damage that can lead to immobility.

The Youngevity® Bone and Joint products contain specialized nutrients that support joint repair and recovery, and help restore function. One of the those ingredients, Celadrin®, has been studied extensively to demonstrate its benefits.


Celadrin® is an all-natural ingredient that has been medically and clinically proven to deal with pain management and restoration of the joint. The proprietary and exclusive ingredients in Celadrin® are a combination of cetylated fatty acid esters and other active synergists that enhance joint function, mobility, and recovery. The basic and fundamental unit of the joint is the cell. Celadrin® acts to lubricate cell membranes and enhance the structures of the cell to provide greater elasticity and flexibility.




There is no “quick-fix” to joint care, but there are solutions that allow for powerful prevention and treatment of the issues with joint deterioration. While most products focus on just the symptoms of joint issues, the pain, inflammation, and stiffness, Youngevity® has formulated their products to also focus on the health and healing of the joint. Combining ingredients such as Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO), and other collagen building factors allows the Youngevity® products to target recovery, restoration, and ultimately maximum functionality of the joint.


Before any true health can be achieved or understood, there must be research that shows the potent nutrients are affecting the areas where they can create the most healing. Research done at The University of Minnesota- Department of Food Science and Nutrition demonstrates that the powerful nutrients in the Youngevity® products and Celadrin® target the areas of the cell that create resiliency, flexibility, and structural repair.

Absorption: To fully maximize the uptake and incorporation of nutrients into the body and target the specific areas where those nutrients offer the most benefit and health.

Youngevity Products tested by The University of Minnesota

Youngevity Products tested by The University of Minnesota



Although inflammation can be a beneficial response to injury and infection, triggering much needed healing mechanisms that promote repair and recovery, when left ungoverned, inflammation can cause tissue destruction and systemic complications. Joint trauma can be incredibly inflammatory and studies at Boston University sought to understand the inflammatory response after application of the cetylated fatty acid Celadrin®. It was found that the ingredient in the Youngevity® products, Celadrin®, inhibited the further inflammatory response that could cause damage to joints.

Celadrin Study

 Inflammation: A protective and destructive response of the body in response to joint injury and deterioration. Must be contained and inhibited to promote recovery and repair.




Healthy Bone and Joint Body Pak™

A specially-designed nutritional system that provides a comprehensive set of bone and joint supporting nutrients for immediate and long-term relief of joint pain. Featuring the five most powerful joint supporting products, the Pak™ includes the exclusive 90 For Life™ system of health along with Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel™ and CM Cream™.




Order the Healthy Bone and Joint Pak™




Bone and Joint Research

Bone and Joint Research

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