It’s never too late to change your diet!

Coming from a small, rural town in New Mexico, I’m constantly aware of the fact that “old habits die hard.” Every time I return to my hometown for a visit, I become more and more concerned with the diets that my family and many of the residents are consuming. Especially with my aging parents and grandparents, witnessing the amounts of soda, sugar, and processed foods they consume is hard to swallow and I’m always given the same excuse, “it’s how we’ve always eaten, why change now?”

During my last visit, my uncle opened a can of soda for my great aunt without a second thought. A can of soda is the staple with most lunch and dinners for many individuals across the country. I asked my uncle if he really thought a can of soda was good for my elderly aunt, he reply, “she’s been drinking them her whole life, what does it matter now?” Well, it turn out it does matter!

My aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about 5 years ago. While I know my family is trying to do the best they can to care for her and make her life comfortable, her nutrition, and the nutrition of all adults, especially the elderly, is very important. It’s not just my family, or even the residents of my hometown, but many older adults believe that making any changes to their diet now wouldn’t really make a difference to their health or their lifespan. After all, they’ve been drinking sodas and eating tortillas and sweets their entire lives. What would it matter now? It does.

According to a new study, making a healthy nutritional change during your adult life can make a big difference. A new research entailing a 14 year-long study found that making a healthy dietary change during midlife (about 50 years of age), could lower your risk for dementia in later years by almost 90%.1 The results based on the Finnish Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Incidence of Dementia study looked at the overall diets of 1,479 participants between the ages of 39-64 (then 65-75 years after the 14 yrs). The study did not single out any food items but rather categorized them as being healthy or not healthy; healthy food items included vegetables, berries, and fish and unhealthy food items included sweets, sugar drinks, and saturated fats from dairy products and spreads. The results showing that healthy diet changes, even in later years, was associated with a significantly lower dementia risk.

This study, although only following the risk for dementia, shows the significant changes one’s diet can make on their health; regardless of age. There is no doubt in my

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mind that a diet change can make the world of a difference in not only the lives of my family and hometown residents, but to aging adults all over the world! To start promoting optimal health at any age, don’t forget about the necessary nutrients for optimal health found in the Healthy Body Start Pak™ 2.0 which includes all the 90 essential nutrients for optimal health.

Remember better nutritional choices are the key to a longer, healthier life!


Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team


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