The Youngevity Compensation Plan – How To Get Paid

Is owning a Youngevity independent business right for you?
Answer the following questions to help you decide.
Would you get joy out of helping other people feel better — by really impacting their health in a positive way?
Think about what your future holds if you keep doing what you’re doing right now. If we could show you a way to make extra money — and even possibly gain financial freedom — all from the comfort of your home, would you be interested?
If we had doctor-recommended nutritional products featuring a 100% money-back guarantee and a proven track record of helping people feel better, look better, have more energy or achieve a healthier weight…could you find five (5) like-minded people who would be interested in joining you?
If you answered YES, then what are you waiting for? You can begin owning your own independent business today!

Getting Started

Take these simple steps to begin earning income from home:

Contact the person who referred you to Youngevity and let that person know you want to become an Associate. As an Associate you can start ordering from our entire catalog of incredible health, wellness, and personal care products.
Familiarize yourself with our Compensation Plan.
Set up your virtual office. Once you’ve been assigned an Associate ID number go to to set up your new account and virtual back office.
Place your first order. Now you can start ordering! Pick the products you’ll use or want to share with others. Save money by using Autoship for your favorite products. Even though there’s no obligation, Autoship will save you time and money — a real advantage for you and your customers.
Invite others to join your Youngevity team by signing up as Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs)! This is the next natural step: in order to grow your business you must grow your team. Identify individuals who share your passion for good health, and invite them to become part of your Team. As your Team grows and your sales increase, so will your income!

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