Physical Fitness Month Part III: Older Adults

As many of us begin to grow old, which we all certainly will, so too have our parents, grandparents, and many other loved ones who have yet to find that infamous fountain of youth. For many adults, aging is not necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve stayed active throughout the years and followed a good diet as well as other healthy habits, then growing old has been a pleasant ride. On the flip side, if you haven’t been treating your body very well, and failed to stay active, your body becomes susceptible to many health conditions that can make growing old not such a great experience. As we wind up National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, we’ll dig into the benefits of exercise for older adults and ways to stay active or get active.

Whether you’re 60 or 90 years old, it’s never too late to change your life and get physically fit. I’ve seen older adults run half marathons, bike miles to the grocery store daily, and even complete Olympic lifts at CrossFit gyms; which leads me to the conclusion… you’re only as old as you feel. If you’re retired and have been spending your time on the couch, you may feel more tired and unmotivated than others who are out, walking, swimming, or biking.

Staying active as an older adult can help lower your risk of falls and also improve cognitive function. Additionally, if you’re currently suffering from health problems such as osteoarthritis or high blood pressure and you think you need to rest; think again. Studies have also shown that exercise helps treat chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. In the long-run, staying physically active will not only help you with many health concerns, but it will also make it easier for you to continue to do the things you enjoy doing and stay independent as you age.

For me, one of the greatest benefits of having active grandparents was that they were able to play games and practice sports with me as an adolescent; making us both happy and providing us with great memories. As my parents get older, they’re able to play with their grandchildren and I can see the happiness it also brings to both of them. There really is no greater benefit to staying physically-active than to be able to make memories and spend time with the ones you love. On top of which staying active will help you live a longer and healthier life.

Ultimate Youth Green Super Food

Ultimate Youth Green Super Food

Whether your daily physical activity consists of walking to the coffee shop to meet with friends or attending fitness classes, staying active as an older adult will, no doubt, give you happier, more fulfilling days. To help you remain youthful, try adding Ultimate Youth™ Green Super Food to your diet. This fiber-rich, mineral-rich green superfood contains powerful antioxidants and probiotics to help support a healthy immune system and keep you healthy so you don’t miss you daily activities.

Remember, even older adults need to stay physically active! Prevention is the key!

Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team

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