Surprising Sources of Protein – Just in time for Summer

For many of us, when we think about adding protein to our diet, what comes to mind is some form of meat, eggs, nuts, or even a protein shake or bar. However, you may be surprised to find that vegetables and legumes can also serve as an excellent source or protein. Truth be told, I’ve always been a bit curious as to how vegetarians are able to get enough protein in their diets; really, numerous individuals thrive by consuming only vegetables. I’m certainly not saying we need to all become vegetarians; I am a true believer of following a diet that works for you. Though, whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, or somewhere in between, adding some protein-packed vegetables to you diet will no doubt help your body function optimally.

I recently read a post titled “10 Protein Packed Vegetables”1 on that provided me with a great list of veggie-based protein sources.

• Corn – about 16 grams of per cup.
• Green Peas – about 7.5 grams per cup.
• Lentils – about 50 grams per cup and also a great source of fiber, folate and Vitamin B!
• Chickpeas – about 38 grams per cup.
• Lima beans – about 15 grams per cup plus also good for your heart and blood sugar!
• Sun-Dried Tomatoes – about 8 grams of protein per cup.
• Portobello Mushrooms – about 4 grams per cup.
• Chard – about 3 grams per boiled cup and also a great source of fiber and Vitamins A, K and C.
• Potatoes – about 3 grams per cup w/ flesh and skin.
• Kale – about 1.5 grams per boiled cup and also a great source of iron, calcium, and Vitamins A, K and C!

As we know, our bodies need to consume protein daily. It is one of the most abundant substances in our bodies; found in every human cell. Proteins have many responsibilities in each cell; they are in charge of repair and maintenance, energy, hormone function, enzyme production, transportation and storage of molecules, and form antibodies that help with infection, illness, and disease. As you can see, making sure you are consuming enough dietary protein is vital to the function of your body.

GOFoods BoxWith the summer weather bringing in lots of fresh produce, why not add some fresh kale or sundried tomatoes to the menu. Otherwise, you can always grab a GoFoods™ Whole Food Mineral Tart Cherry Zest™ Bar! The GoFoods™ Whole Food Mineral Bar is vegetarian and made from raw, whole food ingredients including 9 grams of plant-based proteins. Make sure you are getting the right amounts of protein in your diet!

Remember, Prevention is the Key!

Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team


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