Celadrin®… the Answer to Your Osteoarthritis Pain!

With roughly 27 million Americans suffering from Osteoarthritis (OA), chances are you know someone who is currently experiencing osteoarthritis pain. One of the most recognized and debilitating forms of osteoarthritis is knee OA. Those who suffer from knee OA, know how increasingly difficult any form of physical activity, even just getting up from your seat, becomes. It’s a painful and even debilitating condition and it’s no surprise that knee OA leads to lower physical activity. Many who suffer from knee OA are inclined to weight gain and obesity; further adding to their health problems. The good news is that there is increasing evidence growing on the use of Celadrin® to help alleviate OA pain; and help increase physical activity.

Celadrin® is an all-natural ingredient that has been medically and clinically proven to deal with pain management and restoration. It includes a proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acid esters and other active synergists that help to enhance joint function, mobility and recovery.1 There have been many studies conducted on the use of Celadrin® and the treatment of osteoarthritis; all demonstrating compelling results.

Recently, Celadrin® was found to significantly improve walking performance in a group of individuals who participated in study that sought to determine if even a low dose of Celadrin® would improve function and decrease pain in individuals suffering from knee OA. The study, Fatty Acids Improves Knee Function, Mobility, took two groups (one of which was given a placebo) and followed them over an 8 week period. The participant’s pain levels were evaluated using a 6 minute timed walk, a variety of pain scales and questionnaires, and other knee function measures. What the study found was that the participants who had consumed Celadrin® experienced a 42% increase in their 6 minute walk test and showed and 180% overall improvement.2 The study also included a wide-range of prior research conducted on Celadrin®, all of which demonstrated improved physical performance and decrease in bone and joint pain. You can learn more about Celadrin® as well as several other scientifically-backed nutritional ingredients in, Research Studies Demonstrating Ingredient Benefits of Youngevity® Bone and Joint Health Care Products, available in the Product Info Center.

ultimate cm cream

Ultimate CM Cream

With so many individuals living with osteoarthritis pain, and even being debilitated due to it, using products that contain Celadrin® may help provide them the relief they need and improve their quality of life. Ultimate™ CM Cream™ is one of Youngevity’s best-selling products due to the pain-alleviating benefits it has provided to many individuals. Products such as Ultimate™ CM Cream™ may help improve function to those suffering from bone and joint pain, including osteoarthritis.

Stop living with bone and joint pain! Prevention is the key!


Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team

1 http://youngevity.com/wp-content/themes/youngevity/media/YGY-Joint-Research_brochure-0214-singles-4review.pdf
2 JK Udani, MD; B Singh, PhD; M Torreliza, M Crabtree, BA; G Zhang, PhD. Celadrin® Improves Walking Performance. 2014. Available from: http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/


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