Is the scent of fast food worth risking your health?

If there’s one scent that is easily recognized and loved by most Americans it’s the scent of fast food; I can easily pick up the scent of a Jack in the Box that’s blocks away while I’m out on a jog. So it comes as no surprise that most Americans are easily drawn to, and have even developed an addiction to, fast food. Not only is the ease of accessibility and low cost a huge influence, but the scent of greasy fries is enough to draw you in and take you captive; further stimulating your addiction to the fast food industry.

Unfortunately, what you don’t know is that the scent, which you believe to be that of a juicy hamburger that’s drawing you in, isn’t the actual scent of a burger. Really, what you smell are added flavorings put into fast food, leading you to believe that you’re consuming something good, when you’re really eating processed, imitation meats. Fast food, including all processed foods such as frozen meals, refined grains, and stick margarine, just to name a few, are very difficult for your body to breakdown, virtually free of any nutrients whatsoever and contain ingredients found to increase your risk for a variety of health diseases.

Another surprising fact that many individuals are unaware of is that when you eat these processed foods, that carry little to no significant nutrient value, you’re setting yourself up for overconsumption. Your body can’t tell that you’re full because all you’re consuming are empty calories; which makes it easy to put that supersize order of fries in your belly. On the other hand, when you eat nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods, your body can absorb and better digest food; which then triggers your body to recognize when you’re full.

Still, weight gain is only one side-effect of consuming fast, processed foods. Some rather alarming side-effects of consuming French fries, donuts, and other similar unhealthy foods is poor digestive function, high cholesterol levels (putting you at risk for heart disease), and an increase in insulin levels and inflammation; which puts you at risk for many other illnesses. This only solidifies the importance that nutrition plays in your health.

90 Essential Nutrients

Includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, Beyond Osteo-Fx 2.0 and Ultimate Essential Fatty Acids

If you need a standard guide to what food you need to avoid at all costs and what is the best food for you to consume, Dr. Wallach has established one for you. Some of the BAD foods on Doc’s List include: oats, fried foods, oils, deli meats, and carbonated drinks/sodas. You can check out the complete Dr. Wallach’s Good Food and Bad Food Liston Being proactive in your diet changes will bring unbelievable changes to your health. Additionally, making sure you are always equipped with the 90 essential nutrients will help you eliminate your desire for processed, unhealthy foods. Therefore, make sure your pantry is always stocked with a Healthy Body Start Pak™ 2.0 so that your body is never deficient of vital nutrients.

Remember to say no to fast food, and yes to your health! Prevention is the key!


Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team

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