Start Loving Your Dentist Visit!

I’m not sure why, but dentists have always had a pretty unfavorable reputation. One tends to associate a dental visit with pain and sharp and shiny objects; which of course leads to anxiety and stress. As a kid, I remember experiencing anxiety when I was told we were visiting the dentist. But now that I look back, I definitely don’t ever remember any excruciating pain. So, where did my fear come from? Well, my anxiety had developed because I would see the nervous look my mom would have while waiting for her checkup and then I’d get nervous and scared too. Not to put my mom on the spot, and I definitely don’t want to point a finger, but she had a good reason to be nervous because she suffered from periodontitis. If only she would have taken her DHA Omega-3 supplements, perhaps her dentist visits wouldn’t have been so distressing.

Periodontitis, for those of us who aren’t familiar with dental terminology, is a gum infection that causes damage to the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. If left untreated, periodontitis can cause tooth loss and can also lead to more severe health issues such as increased risk of heart attack and stroke and other serious health problems. Some symptoms of periodontitis include: swollen gums, bright red or purplish gums, tender or bleeding gums, gums pulling away from your teeth, new spaces developing in your teeth, bad breath or taste in your mouth, and loose teeth. Although this disease affects so many adults, and even some children, it is completely preventable and can also be treated. By simply practicing good oral hygiene and not smoking, you’re already decreasing your risk. Plus, new studies have demonstrated that Omega-3 supplementation have also been shown to improve dental health.

0000963_projoba-omega-120-capsules_300A recent study from Harvard scientists, published in the Journal of Dental Research, reported that DHA Omega-3 supplementation was associated with a decrease in average depth of pockets between the teeth and gums – used to assess the extent of gum disease – which may lead to improved periodontal results in those suffering from periodontitis.1 The study involved 55 adults with periodontitis who were either given 2,000 mg per day of DHA or a placebo for three months. Of those who completed the study, a 3.6 – 6.2% increase pocket depth and gingival index was reported. Additionally, many other studies have linked omega-3 supplementation to dental health benefits.

If you’ve ever had dental issues, then you’ve probably had similar anxiety-filled dentist visits just like my mom. However, in order to change your perception of dentist visits, you first need to improve your dental health. In addition to practicing good oral hygiene, add some Omega-3’s to your diet! Try ProJoba Omega™, containing 120mg of DHA to get you started on your journey to dental health.

Stop fearing your dentist! Prevention is the key!

Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team



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