What are your yawns really telling you?

Many individuals spend the majority of their day fighting sleep. Mornings are filled with yawns. Those yawns are then masked with high consumption of caffeine needed to wake you up and keep you alert. I used to be this individual. I fought through the yawns and lived off 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, or other caffeine sources, because I was averaging 5 to 6 hours of sleep; sometimes even only 4 hours! And unfortunately, not getting enough sleep can lead to many health issues, from weight gain to increasing your risk for heart disease. If fact, some studies found that sleep deprivation can not only be detrimental to your memory, but it may even put some adults at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The first study looked at elderly adults, from ages 66 to 87 without any memory problems. They were asked a series of questions relating to sleep patterns and found that the sleepy participants showed less coordinated activity in the brain regions that are active when the brain is resting. These results suggest that those adults would be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s, although more research is needed to confirm the results. In addition, reports from Alzheimer’s caregivers suggest that people with worse sleep have more severe memory impairments.1

A separate study took participants into a laboratory for a controlled experiment that monitored participant’s brain activity when subjected to sleep deprivation. The study involved 22 healthy adults who were allowed to sleep 9hrs on the first night of the experiment, then were asked to stay awake for 24 hours, then allowed to sleep two full nights. Their brains were scanned, finding that there was less connectivity with the region of the brain essential for memory, on the night when they were deprived of sleep. Performance on memory tasks following the sleepless night showed results similar to the brain scans.

Bio Nite

Bio Nite

For those of you who currently aren’t getting enough sleep, your memory function could be suffering. You see it when you forget to complete a task, miss an appointment, or can’t remember someone’s name. Aside from memory function, getting good sleep is essential for your overall health. If you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, try adding Biometics Bio Nite to your evening routine. Bio Nite is a highly-advanced liquid formula that helps prevent sleepless nights so that you may wake up well-rested and ready to tackle the day.

Don’t allow your memory function to decline, prevention is the key!

Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team

1 http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2012/10/17/sleepy-your-memory-may-be-impaired/

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