The 6 Essential Business Building Tools Every Distributor Needs

Over the years, Youngevity executives and leaders have worked hard to make sure that you have the best resources available in order to help your business grow. This year, we’ve laid out 6 exciting new tools that will help your business flourish!

The six new booklets include:

Staying in the Lane

The Staying in the Lane booklet lays out the 5 components you need to focus on in order for you to grow your business, get healthy, and advance your ranks.

The Youngevity Revolution

Learn about the history of Dr. Joel Wallach, the 90 essential nutrients and how Youngevity became the successful company it is today in The Youngevity Revolution booklet.

The Healthy Body Challenge

The Healthy Body Challenge booklet contains details on how the 90 essential nutrients will optimize your health and the health of others, through 7 Healthy Body Paks; each tailored to an individual’s specific needs. Live the life you deserve!

The CEO Mega Pak

The CEO Mega Pak brochure outlines how you can take advantage of this proven business system that helps people transform both their physical and financial health. The fastest route to success!

Are You Next? – Compensation and opportunity overview

The Are You Next? Compensation and opportunity overview booklet reviews why Youngevity’s distributors everywhere are embracing a new paradigm and breakthrough products that are transforming their health.

The 5 x 5 Marketing System

Youngevity’s 5×5 Marketing System booklet uses time-tested and proven tools and methods to help you fulfill your short-term and long-term goals; thus defining your reason WHY joining Youngevity is the best choice you’ve made! –Your quick start to reaching your dreams!

If you haven’t already, make sure and get your copies of these incredible and very necessary booklets now! They each come in packages of 25, so you have plenty of copies to hand out. Order in your back office or visit the 90ForLife store now!



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