Executive Q&A with President Bill Andreoli

Question: Youngevity looks a lot different now than when you joined the company. Why is “now” a great time to get involved?

Answer: It’s true the company is constantly evolving. When I came to Youngevity 3-1/2 years ago, they had the story, they had the great products, and they had the great founder in Dr. Joel Wallach. What we brought to the table was a marketing system and a focused, unified message with 90 For Life. Those powerful 3 words encapsulate Doc Wallach’s 40-year message! When we had that message, everyone knew what Youngevity was, but it also helped to make the business duplicable for Distributors. Now the Healthy Body Paks are the foundation, and we have all the other product lines that complement the primary focus point. Our average autoship order has increased from $150 to $170 because people come in for the 90 For Life products and then want to try something from the other amazing brands. The people coming in from these other companies can stay with their passion, but now they can get healthy, too.

Question: What are your favorite products, Bill?

Answer: Hmmm. I use so many! But my favorites would have to include Pollen Burst, Triple Treat Chocolate, and Root Beer Belly. As a result of the 90 For Life products I’m taking, and the information I have learned from Doctor Wallach’s health lectures, my doctor says my blood profile is “beautiful!” He let me know that my cholesterol levels are “perfect,” which is interesting because thanks to Doc, I eat 4-6 eggs a day! And my son’s skin and digestive issues went away when we switched from gluten-filled breakfast items to better options, including eggs.

Question: What about a customer who gets hooked on one of the satellite products, like Pollen Burst, but does not seem interested in the Healthy Body Paks. How do you get them going with the flagship products?

Answer: Well, as a company, we are happy to have anyone who can benefit from any of our products. If they stay with us for any length of time, they will hear about the importance of minerals and Doctor Wallach’s story, which as we all know, is very compelling. Eventually they will want to try BTT or Osteo-fx. That’s what has happened with people who have joined us due to a strategic alliance or a merge. We want them to continue to take the products they know and love. Sooner or later they will start sampling the 90 For Life products and they will fall in love with them, just as we have!

Watch for more Q&A with President Bill Andreoli next month!

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