Going Beyond Organic

We’re all familiar with the term “organic.” It’s stamped all over grocery stores on everything from meats, to canned foods, to soap. The “organic” labeling of a product ensures that it has been produced in a manner that complies with organic standards. Generally, that also means that it is does not contain synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers; is not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives; and that cultural, biological and mechanical practices have been integrated to maintain the integrity of the food item. However, despite the fact that these products were developed in a manner that promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity, it does not mean it’s the best product out there for you.

Jordan Rubin, Beyond Organic Founder and natural health expert, recognized that even the most natural, humanely developed food sources could be improved. He sought to cultivate products that not only met the organic standards, but also offered the greatest health and nutritional benefits to its consumers. From cleansing and detoxifying products to toxic-free skin and body care products and nutrient dense dairy products, every product truly goes above and beyond organic.

GreenFed™ Dairy

The Amasai beverage line provides a unique profile of true, whole milk nutrients are created through ancient dairy breeding, organic green grazing, and Olde world culturing and production, providing over 30 probiotics. The GreenFed™ Raw Cheddar is made on the same farm where the green grazing cows are milked. It is a natural source of Omega-3s and CLA and is packed with protein, calcium, and probiotics. The SueroViv beverages are 100% GreenFed™ cultured whey beverages with probiotics, enzymes, and electrolyte minerals that help replenish nutrients and offer cleansing benefits.

Terrain Supplements

With 12 varieties, these raw, certified organic, liquid herbal supplements contain antioxidants and enzymes that provide a wide-range of health benefits. Each individual liquid supplement provides unique herbal benefits that help rebuild your inner-ecosystem and replenish key nutrients. Plus, these organic herbal supplements also come in unique packs that help target specific health concerns.

Terra Firma & Adapt Gen

Terra Firma is a powerful, organic supplement that helps detoxify the body and provide digestive and immune support. Adapt Gen contains organic ingredients that help combat stress and support a healthy metabolism, mental function, hormonal health, and energy levels. Together, these two supplements help an individual break the cycle of toxins and stress.

Beyond Organic Skin & Body Care

What goes on your skin is just as important as what goes inside your body. We seem to be highly concerned with providing our internal organs with the best nutrients, but don’t always treat our skin with the same care. The personal care industry isn’t as regulated as the nutritional industry, making it easy for some companies to add toxic chemicals to their products. However, all Beyond Organic skin and body care products are Certified ToxicFree®, Certified Organic, and Eco-Cert, making them the purest, most-advanced skin and body care products on the market.

The Beyond Organic products have helped transform the health of many individuals across the country. An incredible way get your body back to optimal health using high-quality, organic products is with the Jump Start Your Health Program. This is a one-of-a-kind, 14 day wellness program, guided by Jordan Rubin himself, that combines Beyond Organic products, fitness training, and nutritional guidance to help you get fit and get well.

With the New Year on the horizon, there’s no better time to start thinking about how you can transform your health with pure, organic products. To learn more about the Beyond Organic product line and the Jump Start Your Health Program, visit www.mybeyondorganic.com or get connected at www.facebook.com/LiveBeyondOrganic.

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