My best advice for new people starting out in Youngevity?

Posted February 27, 2015

My best advice for new people starting out in Youngevity?

by Cheryl Cormier, VCMD

First, keep it simple and duplicable. Focus on getting to EMD and SEMD. Train everyone you bring into the business on the same strategy and the 5 x 5 system. Then, by duplicating that process over and over with new people, you’ll automatically promote up through the ranks. 3 SEMD’s will get you to Vice Presidential Marketing Director (VPMD); 5 SEMD’s will get you to the Presidential level (PMD); 6 SEMD’s for the Vice Chairman level (VCMD)…and so on.

Second, don’t give up or be swayed by others or life circumstances. None of us can control when life will throw us a curve ball. We all have challenges and naysayers in our lives. People will disappoint us and let us down. But how we respond is determined by the level of our commitment to ourselves and our dreams.

Third, take your business seriously. Be your own best employee. “Show up” to work for yourself, just like you have done working for someone else. Put in your best effort as if you’re going for the biggest pay raise or a plumb promotion on a corporate job. Treating your business like a million dollars is at risk because it is. Don’t slack. Show up and show out!

Fourth and finally, kick fear in the rear end. Most often, people simply never get started because they’re afraid to talk to people, afraid of rejection, afraid they won’t have all the answers, and afraid they will say something wrong. Some are even afraid they might say something right and the prospect will join the business, then what?! Fear is good. It’s healthy because it tests your courage and commitment. Fear means you’re stretching, doing something different…and that’s the only way you can achieve a new level of success as a business owner!


Cheryl Cormier – Houston, Texas

Vice Chairman Marketing Director

– See more at:


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