Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Radio Show – April 2, 2015

MonologueDr. Joel Wallach begins the show outlining the story of how he discovered the first non-human cases of cystic fibrosis. Finding that he could actually create CF in monkeys by withholding nutrients from the monkey’s diets. Finding that the parents of the monkeys had been accidently given selenium deficiencies. When he went to present his findings Emery University fired him.

Pearls of WisdomDoug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning Lyme’s disease. A famous rock star Avril Lavigne recently revealed in a magazine interview that she has Lyme’s disease. Bringing the disease to the forefront of social media with ABC’s medical editor Dr. Richard Besser answering frequently asked questions. Such as time of disease onset, symptoms and possible treatment.

CallersJim’s wife is having difficulty breathing but doesn’t appear to have heart disease.

Elizabeth has a friend whose child has cerebral palsy.

Scott’s wife is having a difficult time falling and staying asleep.

Jane’s granddaughter has a severe case of psoriasis.

Call Dr. Wallach’s live radio program weekdays from noon until 1pm pacific time at 831-685-1080 or toll free at 888-379-2552.


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