Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy!

Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy!

Posted October 23, 2015

Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy!


While our first concern should always be our own health, we must also not forget about the health of our four-legged family members. Our pets need just as much care and support as any other member of our household. They require optimal nutrition, plenty of exercise and personal care in order to live longer, healthier lives.

During warmer temperatures, it’s especially important that we give our pets extra care to battle the heat and pests that come with the season.  Fleas, ticks and other unwanted nuisances are more prevalent during this time and can be quickly passed on to other members of your household. Keeping your pet’s clean and paying careful attention to their surroundings will help keep them pest-free.

Additionally, there are several other things our pets need in order to maintain optimal health. Below are some tips to help keep your pet healthy.

Make Dental Health a Priority

Pets can also suffer from gum disease, tooth decay and many other dental problems. Regular brushing, oral cleaning and dental chews can help prevent dental problems.

Keep Them Active at Any Age

Some pets may suffer from arthritis, achy bones and joints and other mobility problems that make movement difficult but you don’t want them to become sedentary. Encourage small daily activity with your pets that won’t cause pain but will keep them from being stiff.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Unhealthy weight puts pets at risk for heart disease, bone and joint issues and may also lead to behavioral issues such as missing bathroom visits. Look for healthy foods high protein such as chicken or fish, avoid feeding them table food and keep them active.

Hydration is Vital 

Urinary tract infections rank high among the list of expensive yet preventable cat health issues. Make sure your pets stay properly hydrated by adding wet food to their diets and providing plenty of clean water to their bowl or even a self-serve fountain.

Bath and Brush Regularly 

Fleas, ticks, and other unwanted bugs can make their home right on your pet. Make sure you bath them regularly with safe, natural shampoo and protect them with safe, non-toxic flea treatments.

Youngevity now offers a growing line of pet products to that will help keep your pets healthy and happy! Start by keeping them pest free with Pest B-Gone for Cats and Pest B-Gone for Dogs. Remember, even with pets, prevention is the key!

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