The Aromatherapy Benefit

The Aromatherapy Benefit

When Youngevity first jumped into the essential oil business with the Ancient Legacy brand, essential oils were just beginning to take off. At the time, they were being used mostly by massage therapists, acupuncturists and other natural healers. This unconventional method of treating physical, emotional and spiritual concerns was unfamiliar to many individuals.

Now the essential oil industry is booming! From athletes to moms to chefs, individuals from every background are utilizing essential oils for a wide-range of uses. If you haven’t already tapped into Youngevity’s Essential Oils, what are you waiting for?

Over the last few years, Youngevity has implemented a variety of programs, marketing materials, and tools that have helped expose thousands of individuals to the benefits of aromatherapy.  Plus, Essential Oil trainings held at various locations around the country have allowed for many distributors to gain insight and firsthand knowledge of aromatherapy. All these components, and the dedication of Youngevity distributors, have contributed to the growth of Youngevity’s Essential Oil line… and there is still so much more to come!

With essential oil interest growing daily, Youngevity is committed to providing distributors with highest quality tools and products to support a flourishing aromatherapy business. To start, Youngevity has recently released an all-new Essential Oil CEO Mega Pak™! This new Pak™ provides you with new essential oil materials that will help your aromatherapy business thrive!

New Items Include:

(1) CEO Case for Essential Oils

(1) Wooden Box w/Youngevity Logo

(8) Youngevity Essential Oils: Y-23 Immune™, To Be At Peace™, Birch-Sweet, Ravensara, Marjoram-Sweet, Lemongrass, Cypress, Rose Geranium

(25) Aroma Share Club Flyers

(1) The Essential Results Now DVD

(4) Essential Oils Sticker Sheet

(1) Essential Oils Diffuser

(1) CEO Training Materials

(1) The Essential Results Now Kit

(1) Plant Derived Minerals™ (32 oz)

(1) Ultimate CM Cream™ (2 oz)

(1) Dead Sea Bath Salts – Unscented (32 oz)

(1) Essential Oils Reference Card Set

(50) Glass Bottle for 1ML Essential Oil

(50) Cap for 1mL Glass Essential Oil Bottle

(1) Grapeseed carrier Oil (8 oz)

(1) Jojoba carrier Oil (8 oz)

For details on products and the new Essential Oils CEO Mega Pak be sure to visit here.  There is still much more to come from Youngevity’s Essential Oils line, stay tuned for more updates!



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