Healthy Body Transformation Kit – Chocolate Fudge

With the Healthy Body Transformation Kit, you will go beyond dieting. You will be able to revamp your overall health with meal replacement shakes, cleansing nutrients, and healthy drink supplementation that will assist with long-term weight loss. Includes Chocolate Fudge Meal Replacement Shake. Youngevity – 90 For Life. Healthy Body Transformation Kit – Chocolate Fudge.

Executive Q&A with President Bill Andreoli

Question: Youngevity looks a lot different now than when you joined the company. Why is “now” a great time to get involved? Answer: It’s true the company is constantly evolving. When I came to Youngevity 3-1/2 years ago, they had the story, they had the great products, and they had the great founder in Dr. Joel Wallach. What…